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New Request for Quotation Policy Takes Effect

posted Dec 14, 2011, 9:17 PM by Janice Salvame
Effective immediately, all service orders must go through the website. That is, anyone who wants to get a quote for my editing and writing services must fill out this interactive service order form. Alternatively, prospective customers may download the Microsoft Word version of the order form and e-mail the completed form to janice@jsalvame-editor.com with  the words "Request for Quotation" on the subject line. I will delete requests for quotation sent directly to my e-mail address. 

Why am I doing this?
  1. I am avoiding spam and virus-laden e-mails.
  2. Both the interactive and Word service order forms have all the information I need to provide a fair price.
  3. I want to set out the billing and payment terms from the beginning and, thus, ensure that I will get paid.

I encourage current and past customers to use the service order form when requesting a price for my services. All new customers are required to complete the service order form - no exceptions

Thanks and may you have a wonderful Christmas.

Ciao for now!