• - Editors' Association of Canada - This site taught me the different types of editing. Plus you can buy the second edition of Editing Canadian English directly from the site.
  • - Professional Writers Association of Canada - I got the idea for my rates from this website. Plus there are many helpful tips for writing and for marketing your writing.
  • - Small Business BC - Everything I know about managing my business came from this site. Well, this and my work experience.
  • - Gage Educational Publishing Company - It's not really a link for the publishing company. But it redirects you to the site where you can buy Collins Gage Canadian Intermediate Dictionary, which is an enormous help in my editing and writing.
  • - Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online - This is my main dictionary and thesaurus for American English. Plus I love that it asks you why you decided to look up any word. I've never seen that feature in any other online dictionary.
  • - Oxford Dictionaries Online - This is my main dictionary and thesaurus for British English. Plus the OxfordWords blog provides 10 facts about the word "chocolate" and an article on the obsession with Colin Firth.
  • - Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing - Other than dictionaries and thesauri, this is the best and most fun resource for learning grammar. Grammar geeks and those in dire need of grammar lessons will enjoy this site.


  • - iFreelance - My favourite thing about iFreelance is that it doesn't charge freelancers a commission for their earnings. So if I get paid $100, I get $100. Plus it provides freedom for the freelancer and employer to work however they choose. On the other hand, its project management isn't as good as other freelance sites'. Plus freelancers are completely on their own; if there's any dispute and there's no contract, a freelancer may lose and may never get paid.
  • - Guru - My favourite thing about Guru is that it has its own project management system and payment system. Your entire proposal history will be there until you delete anything. Plus your Work Room has everything you need: alerts, milestones, tasks, time tracking, files, discussions, and payment history. Plus Guru guides you when an employer awards you a project, from drafting the agreement to requesting payment release at project completion. If there's any dispute, mediation and arbitration services are available. On the other hand, there's a project fee and a collection fee, as well as a dispute resolution fee if the escrow goes to mediation or arbitration. 

Vendors and Subcontractors

  • - AVANT Marketing Graphics - Kenia Taylor created my first logo. She incorporated exactly what I wanted in her design and gave my idea a nice creative twist. She delivered the proofs and the final logo ahead of schedule. She's also very professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs amazing graphic and web designs.
  • - Aaron Dennison Designs - Aaron designed my current logo (check it out - it's amazing). He looked at my concept for the new logo and turned it into a beautiful logo. He delivered the initial designs and the final logo designs ahead of schedule. He's also very professional and accommodating. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs dynamic logos and other graphic and web designs.